New Camera

I’ve decided that I really would like a new camera. My past experiences with them haven’t the best unfortunately. I had a digital camera a few years ago, but I have no idea what happened to it. It wasn’t really the best quality, I mean, it did the job- which back then simply implied taking pictures of myself for myspace or facebook, or whatever social network I was using. After I lost that one, I accidentally dropped my parent’s camera into the lake, on our family vacation to the cottage. This wasn’t a total loss though, my parents gained the knowledge that a little extra money for a waterproof camera pays off in the end.

Now though, I want a camera for more important things. I know it’s impossible to change the world through photography, all I want to do is capture nature’s beauty. I’m tired of taking grainy pictures on my cell phone. I’ve decided to save up and buy a high-quality camera. I’m not sure what type yet, I still have to do some research on that. If you have any suggestions or reviews, please let me know

thanks (:

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One Response to New Camera

  1. franny says:

    my daughter just got a fairly cheap one it was on sale for $79, but the wonderful thing about it is that it doesn’t need batteries–you can charge it!!!!!!!!!!so that is one feature I would really recommend!!!!!

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