I’ve always thought adoption would be a good option for me. I like to help people and giving birth to another child in an overpopulated world hardly seems like a good idea. But I also like the thought of having a child that actually came from you and your favourite person in the world (or at least your favourite person to sleep with). I assume I may adopt one child and try to have one child of my own. Pregnancy does not appeal to me, but it seems to be worth it. This is why adoption seems so odd to me. How could anyone dedicate that amount of their life, their body and their soul just to give the child away. I understand that not all people want to have the child or they don’t have the means to take care of the child. But it just seems so tragic. I saw a program on the internet about how sometimes when North Americans adopt overseas, the child is actually kidnapped and sold to them. The fact that someone can decide to profit over neglected children is baffling. How can someone think like that?

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