I was thinking the other day about colours, as I drove in the passenger seat down the highway. The sun was setting into a beautiful orange, and later into dark pink. I thought to myself how beautiful the colours of nature are, and how fortunate we are to experience them. Some colours are delicate and fleeting, like a pink-blossomed tree near my house, which bloomed and decayed in the span of a week. Some are lasting, like the deep navy blue of the night sky, accompanied by speckles of luminous white. As lovely as the colours of nature are, they fill me with peace and happiness. I am very aware of them, and try to appreciate them all. However, I am in awe of how people are able to capture these colours and produce them to our liking. This seems like a silly thing to say, but manmade colours fill me with an excitement and inspiration. The colours of a painting or a photograph. The colours of clothing that allow self-expression. Even the colours of products, packaging and makeup. The heavenly pinks as light as feathers, rich bronzes and fresh, minty blues. When you fully appreciate all the colours around you, you can see the world in another light. It may be naïve, but these colours make my chest feel warm and relaxed. In me beats the heart of a consumer, the heart of a first-world poet. The colours we choose, write a story about who we are.

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