Studying and the Big Picture

I’m sitting in the library, trying to study for my Leadership midterm this evening (yes, that is a course and yes, it is mandatory). The course itself is not that difficult, I just have no idea what to study. I don’t like when professors just tell you to study everything. I don’t like the big picture, and I don’t believe in the big picture. I am a lover of detail. Detail creates everything, details help us understand. Some people feel trapped by detail, but I embrace it. Especially in uninspiring cases, such as this. The topic of leadership does not particularly excite me. I don’t consider myself to be a leader, but an individual. I don’t enjoy follow directions, and I don’t enjoy giving them. Such a negative post, but this has got me in a grumpy mood. Although through procrastinating I was reminded of a story that actually tickled me- which I will share with you. I used to watch Jerry Springer from time to time, I can’t anymore. Not because I don’t own a TV, or don’t get the channel, it just makes me feel sad. Anyways, a woman on the show was accused of cheating by her husband or boyfriend, I can’t remember. The reason she was accused of cheating was the best part. He found a male friend on her Myspace, and I guess she wasn’t allowed to have male friends. The friend was Tom. I don’t like to laugh at stories like this, but that almost made me break in the silence of the library. There is a tinge of sadness to the story, in that people who are that jealous and misinformed exist in this world, and it makes me feel a bit stuck up for laughing at someone’s genuine ignorance. It still cheered me up for a few minutes and inspired me to write this blog post which is really going nowhere. Back to the big, blinding picture which is studying.

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