Number and Letters

A couple Saturdays ago, I was in yoga class, a very good place for deep thought. I was lost in my final meditation, when something strange happened.

I was counting the seconds that I could hold my breath, and my brain yelled, “Stop!”

It said, “Numbers don’t matter, they’re just shapes. Even with words, letters aren’t real.”

I quickly opened my eyes. Honestly, I was a little scary because it wasn’t me who thought this, but my subconscious. It somehow forced its way into my conscious stream of thought. I tried to ignore the voice and continue my yoga, but then I recalled a memory. A while ago, my friend had said she didn’t care for numbers, and that time was unimportant and not real. She said she just wanted to live freely, not by a plan or a timetable. At the time, I just laughed and didn’t really understand what she meant. Now I can comprehend the thought a little more clearly. Why is that people put so much pressure on dates and times and banal things like that? The most inspired thoughts come from the heart, not from numbers. But my thought on letters was, and still is, lost to me. I think it’s interesting how letters can form words. The letters, all of which alone, do not make sense, can make great stories and profound literature. So I concluded not to be controlled by numbers, but to give letters the amount of respect they deserve.

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A lot of anxiety comes from the lack in communication, so if would could just talk about our problems and trust in each other, a lot of unnecessary anxiety could be avoided. I know, this isn’t a particularly enlightened thought, but the important thing is trust. Because of technology emotion is lost. So, technology reduces trust, and lack of trust causes anxiety.

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Why is it that I’m afraid of the dark at night? I know my room doesn’t change when the sun goes down. But every night, my subconscious says that I should be afraid, even though I’ve slept in this room 100 times or more, this is the night that something bad will happen. This is kind of a ridiculous thought, right? Darkness isn’t something to fear, but a thing of beauty. This came to me when I was in my yoga class. It was the final meditation, and even though we’re not supposed to open our eyes, I did. What I saw wasn’t scary at all, but a thing of beauty. The instructor sat in the front of the classroom, her face illuminated by a candle light, her eyes were closed and everything was silent. I sat in the dark, and it was magical. This thought came again, when I was taking the bus to Limeridge Mall. I went with my friend and her little sister, who’s two years old. We rode up the escarpment and the city below was covered in fog. We couldn’t see a thing. My friend said that the fog looked ugly and she missed the city, but I disagreed. I thought the fog was a thing of beauty, because it hid the true ugliness of the city, just like the night. The fog is beautifully mysterious and simple. When we saw the fog by bus, we really didn’t know what was beneath it. We thought it was the city, but how could we be sure? As darkness, fog is a mystery, it is infinite, a break in time and the inevitable. This is the essence of beauty.

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New Camera

I’ve decided that I really would like a new camera. My past experiences with them haven’t the best unfortunately. I had a digital camera a few years ago, but I have no idea what happened to it. It wasn’t really the best quality, I mean, it did the job- which back then simply implied taking pictures of myself for myspace or facebook, or whatever social network I was using. After I lost that one, I accidentally dropped my parent’s camera into the lake, on our family vacation to the cottage. This wasn’t a total loss though, my parents gained the knowledge that a little extra money for a waterproof camera pays off in the end.

Now though, I want a camera for more important things. I know it’s impossible to change the world through photography, all I want to do is capture nature’s beauty. I’m tired of taking grainy pictures on my cell phone. I’ve decided to save up and buy a high-quality camera. I’m not sure what type yet, I still have to do some research on that. If you have any suggestions or reviews, please let me know

thanks (:

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Elements and Principles of Design

Line & Direction – The dock has very predominant lines, but what makes them interesting is their direction, how they curve. That is why this photo is an example of both elements.

Texture – I thought these photos were an excellent example of texture. You can almost feel the buds in the middle of the flower and the softness of the blanket. I also love how visual the texture is in the blanket picture, with the use of shadow.

Balance – This photo is very well balanced, it’s basically symmetrical. I also thought the lighting was interesting.

Light & Harmony– I thought the back lighting in this photo was absolutely beautiful. I also thought that the colours of the sky and the silhouettes of the trees made this picture very harmonious and just relaxing to look at.

Dominance– This picture is an example of dominance. Bird #1 and the berries in front are definitely dominant. I know this because bird #2 and the branches in the background are blurred, the photographer used this affect to make bird #1 and the berries stand out.

Shape– I thought this was a cool example of shape. I love leopard pattern, the misshapen circles. The shape of the spots on the leopard really stand out.

Movement– This picture has excellent movement. The girl is jumping and moving around, after all. My favourite part is the movement of her hair, and the necklace.


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What I’ve been doing ..

I’ve been working on a few things,
I finished one commercial, and handed that in.
I’m almost finished another commercial, I’m just working on the final touches. I haven’t started my two pages for the yearbook (cheerleading and clubs), because I can’t get picture yet. I’ve spoken to the cheerleaders and we’re going to arrange a “photo-shoot day” sometime in November (once they have their uniforms, and get to practice a bit more). And for clubs, I figured I would just borrow left over pictures from people who were doing the other clubs.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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